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Is Slow Cooker Safe?


The slow cooker is relatively safe to use as you can turn it on and leave your home for a few hours without having to worry about the appliance damaging your kitchen. It is normally equipped with a timer, and this means that you can set it to cook for the exact number of hours that you have in mind. It can be left unattended for long hours as it will turn off automatically when the preset cooking hours end. If you want to protect your pot from catching stubborn stains, itís best that you grease its inner side with vegetable oil for easier cleaning.

There are several tips that ensure safety cooking when it involves a slow cooking pot. While cooking meat, itís better if you turn it over once or twice during the entire cooking time. This is to prevent the meat from being overcooked in one side while the other side being uncooked. You are also doing this to prevent your slow cooker from using for longer hours than it is supposed to. In general, if you are roasting beef, comparatively it will take a long time to finish the cooking process. Chicken, on the other hand, is quicker to cook. If you leave your pot to cook for more than three hours, the meat of the chicken will get too tender, and it will also fall off the bone.

It is less time consuming and relatively safer to brown your ground beef for a few minutes before roasting it. Many people tend to prefer coating their beef with seasoning flour and browning it before putting the beef into the crock pot. However, itís a well-known fact that meat is always being tastier when it is browned before being placed in a slow cooking pot.

If you want to add dried herbs into your crock pot, make sure that you have crushed them before adding them in. Red pepper and ground cayenne are best inserted at the end of the cooking time as they might taste bitter when added during the earlier phase of cooking. Also, onions and garlic should be browned in a separate pan before they are inserted into your pot. This is because your slow cooking pot canít brown these ingredients as perfectly as a regular skillet can.

All in all, it is pretty safe to use a slow cooker for varieties of cooking activities. The best thing is that you donít even need to be present in the kitchen during the entire cooking time.

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