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Fresh from the Vegan Slow Cooker


Fresh from the Vegan Slow CookerIf you’re vegan and seeking for an easy treat for preparing your delight meals, the better way is asking from those vegan cooking experts. Then you’ll find that this book is that right. Been in longtime vegan, restaurant chef, and food blogger, Robin Robertson created over 20 remarkable vegan/vegetarian cookbooks --- Vegan on the cheap, Vegan Planet, Vegan on fire and spice, 1000 vegan recipes and Quick-Fix Vegan, for example. Also, she is known for The Global Vegan column in VegNews Magazine. When this expert is in attention with slow cooker, she starts from basic, an extensive chapter on fundamental. Her cookbook includes all possibly types of recipes that can be cooked with a crock pot. Start from snacks, appetizer, bread, desert, to main dishes or even cheesecake. Also, Robin Robertson gives straightforward but sensible advice for healthy cooking --- gluten-free and soy-free options for those who have to avoid these ingredients.

This big cookbook consists of eleven chapters. The book begins with guidance on cooking with slow cooker and how to make a best use for meat-free cooking. Then she brings us into various types of dishes for meat avoidance snacks and appetizers, soups, stews and chili, beans and grains, hearty main dishes, simply stuffed, veggies, side dishes, dessert, breakfast and bread and finally hot drinks.

From our points of review, ‘Fresh from the vegan slow cooker’ actually spots on vegan menus with slow cooker. There are 200 recipes here from a little plate of snack to main dishes. Most reviewers are pleased for easy to find ingredients and follow. Moreover, the recipes aren't plain food; in fact, they are attention-grabbing, such as Maple-Dijon Glazed Root Vegetables, Ziti with Mushroom and Bell Pepper Ragu, Layered tapenade potatoes, Chickpea, artichoke and mushroom paté and Carrot cake with pineapple. Another strong point is that this book presents many menu options for those who avoid gluten, fat and soy protein. Overall, the cookbook shouldn't be overlook from vegan, as well as, healthy-concerned people, for making best use of value from your slow cooker.

Quick Facts

  • Who wrote it: Robin Robertson
  • Publisher: Harvard Common Press
  • Publish Year: September, 2012
  • Highlight: The book is very great suit for vegan and vegetarian who seeking for making the best use of slow cooker.
  • Number of Recipes: 200 recipes
  • Example Recipes: Warm and Creamy Artichoke-Spinach Dip, Chickpea and Mushroom Tagine, Puttanesca Pizza, Robin’s Vegan Tomato Queso Dip served with Tortilla Chips and Alisa’s Zucchini Fries, Chipotle-polenta bake, Autumn fruit crock, African Inspired Peanut Stew, Wine Braised Seitan and Cremini Mushrooms

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