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Slow Cooker Revolution


Slow Cooker RevolutionWhether you're a fan of America's Test Kitchen or slow-cooking lover, this cookbook is recommended. As we know, American's Test Kitchen does their best in explaining about how the cooking works ---techniques, ingredients, recipes and cooking tools. When a slow cooker cookbook is launched, the authentic concept is certainly expected. And they can revolve your kitchen as promised. Unlike others on the same shelve which start with talking about ingredients and cooking process, it also advices some information about what kind of the best slow cooker which retrieved from their test. Moreover, they suggest the ‘quick prep tips’ on the bottom of the page to make improving the cooking results. For example, they inform about the classic question: what’s the best canned tomatoes or how to save on pork when buying. A few comments, this book contains all of what crock-addict people need --- fully reasonable, good page layout and enjoyable pictures.

This book has 14 chapters separated into soups, stews, Braises, Chilis, Barbecue Favorites and More, Pasta Sauces, Meatballs, Meatloaves, and More, Enchiladas, Tacos, and More , Casseroles, On the Side, Eggs and Brunch, Desserts and basics.

From our points of review, this book dose great on making senses of practical and easy enough to follow. The recipes are also developed. You can find many new versions of the old-faced recipes here. Some dishes are even allowed working with microwave oven. For busy cookers, there are many ‘Easy Prep’ menus in this book which can put ingredients into the crock pot and forget it, too.

Quick Facts

  • Who wrote it: America's Test Kitchen
  • Publisher: Boston Common Press
  • Publish Year: February 15, 2011
  • Highlight: Besides tons of menus, this book describes how to get the best results from slow cooking from reliable author. Each recipe is easy and practical to follow.
  • Number of Recipes: Over 200 recipes
  • Example Recipes: Portuguese-Style Potato, Burgundy, Shredded Tomatillo-Chicken, Chipotle Taco Filling, Dixie Collard Greens and Rice Pudding.

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