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Cuisinart PSC-400


This compact but practical slow cooker is everything beyond standard treats ---24-hours programmable cooking time, user-friendly control pad and beautiful chrome stainless-brushed design. A free useful cookbook of Cuisinart comes with the product is a bonus.

Cuisinart PSC-400

What we like: For those who look for a more effective and serious slow cooker for a couple or small family, this Cuisinart PSC-400 is surely be one of a recommended model in the upper market. By Cuisinart brand production, it dose ensures for quality and friendly use. First of all, the modern look of stainless-brushed finish is very stunning –you won’t want to let it be hiding as it looks great enough to show on your countertop and make your neighbors get jealous.

What we really love is not only it features programmable settings but the settings are simply easy to use. The PSC-400 has simple digitally setting: Simmer, low, and high modes. Another impressive feature is the LED display touchpad programmable setting cooking period is up to 24 hours, and it will be switched to automatic keeping Warm mode when finishing. This is one of the longest setting times we’ve ever found in the market.

For the size, as we said, it pretty fits for less than 3-4 adults with no leftovers in each meal. However, as its oval shape, this may lets roomier for bigger piece of meat, but not a whole chicken. This Cuisinart model has retractable cord storage of individual keeping. We also love the free useful gourmet cookbook which is practical for new delicious dishes.

The Cuisinart PSC-400 is spotlighted in many expert reviews. The Cook’s Illustrated and, which are the two who tested on its cooking efficiency, are awarded as a compact slow cooker. Further, this model is also praised from other reputation magazines, such as,,,, and The big features to win are user-friendly, compact and modern design.

What we don’t like: For some points of views, some users claim that the temperature is too high in both Low and High setting comparing to other crock pots. They suggest setting on Low or simmering if receipts need to be cook for more than 8 hours. Moreover, some users said it doesn’t fit as much longer or wider food such as a pork leg or lamp ribs. However, if you tend to cook these kinds of food, the bigger size Cuisinart PSC-650, 6.5-quart size model, is recommended.

The bottom line: If you are looking for a supra easy-to-use programmable slow cooker which can be not only effectively used but also beautifully displayed, the PSC-400 is recommended.

Product Ratings
Ease of Use : Cuisinart PSC-400 Using
Features : Cuisinart PSC-400 Features
Performance : Cuisinart PSC-400 Performance
Price : Cuisinart PSC-400 Price

Overall : Cuisinart PSC-400 Ratings
Size : 4-quart
Insert Shape : Oval
Cook Setting : 4 (Off, Simmer, High, Low)
Keep-Warm : Yes
Program : Yes
Dishwasher : Yes
Dimension : 10" x 11" x 14.5"
Weight : 16 lbs
Warranty : 3 Years

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