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Emeril by T-fal SD500050


Though you may not a real fan of Emeril Chef, you will easily fall in love with this well-designed cooker. This simple gear does everything as advertised –from cooking to dishwashering.

Emeril by T-fal SD500050

What we like: If you’re a fan of Food Network, you’ll surely know Emeril Lagasse. When this celebrity chef is about to introduce new convenient gear for spicing-up the kitchen, the practical and functional can be expected. Emeril by T-fal cooker is truly designed for home uses. For rush-up describing, the SD500050 is made between manual and programmable and has everything a good one should has in good quality.

It has 2 cooking probes, High (248°F), Low (194°F) and automatic Keep-Warm (at around 158°F), but it doesn’t come with programmable settings. Cooking performance works well. It gets hot quickly and cooks more even than standard products on the market. The Keep-Warm is also satisfied most users. For 6 quart and oval shape, this Emeril model is the right figure for most uses –roasts, soups or stews.

The innovative lid is highlighted. The lid’s design, which allows the drip holder at the rear, leaves no watery mess on the countertop when opened. The glass (high-quality plastic material) lid make easy to see food inside while processing. Another interesting feature is temperature control unit which can automatically keeps up temperature when the lid is opened.

One of our most-loved features for reviewing is EVERTHING dishwasher-safe. As every parts of the model come separately pieces, it can go to the dishwasher which makes your life much easier. The outside body isn’t hot while cooking so you can touch it without burning. Another bonus is beautiful finish –classy and ready for showing.

What we don’t like: We’ve found some complaints about not having programmable probes. A few comments issued about the lid which is made of plastic instead of glass like other crock pots. However, the manufacturer explains that the plastic grade is in food-safety standard.

The bottom line: If you want a cooker which is breezy to use and clean-up -even can throw in the dishwasher, this Emeril by T-fal SD500050 is good to pick-up. What all you’ll get from this crock pot --- evenly heat, simple cooking, modern-designed exterior, messed-free lid and dishwasher-safe.

Product Ratings
Ease of Use : Emeril by T-fal SD500050 Using
Features : Emeril by T-fal SD500050 Features
Performance : Emeril by T-fal SD500050 Performance
Price : Emeril by T-fal SD500050 Price

Overall : Emeril by T-fal SD500050 Ratings
Size : 6-quart
Insert Shape : Oval
Cook Setting : 4 (High, Low, Keep-Warm, Off)
Keep-Warm : Yes
Program : no
Dishwasher : Yes
Dimension : 14" x 14" x 8.5"
Weight : 13 lbs
Warranty : 1 Year

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