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Hamilton Beach Programmable Insulated 33265


Imagine that there’s a multi-functioned but simple programmable slow cooker which can prevent your little kids from heat damaging, as well as let beautiful searing in nonstick pot, without BPA---That's why the Hamilton Beach 33265 is in out list.

Hamilton Beach Programmable Insulated 33265

What we like: Firstly, we think Hamilton Beach had launched the new design of this crock for making different in appearance. Well, after considering the whole features, we’ve found this Insulated Slow Cooker 33265 rocks! A highlighted point may be the insulated outside finish, as its name. Hamilton Beach claims that their product is cooler than their rivals (that don’t know who are mentioned), so this is great for protecting your little children or you from accidental heat burns when cooking. Moreover, the 33265 model is claimed to be the most energy efficient slow cooker of this company.

The cooking ability of this 6-quart cooker is similar to the Stovetop 33567T model. It comes with the all-at-once nonstick aluminum insert vessel which allows for searing, browning or sautéing on stovetops and then it can work in slow cooking function perfectly. This is handy, no need other pans. The stovetop performance is pleasing. The nonstick aluminum finish works great for thoroughly heat conduction, as well as breezy no-sticking food. Again, the side benefit is the aluminum pot is durable that ceramic.

Like other Hamilton Beach crocks, the programmable probe is totally dull-proofed. After searing meats for more tasty, all you have to do is sit the pot in the base and simply select the temperature (High or Low) and press +/- buttons for setting time. After finishing, it will automatically turn to Keep-Warm setting which prevent from overcooked. Still, it will automatically shut off after 14 hours of cooking time.

The cleanup is breezy as most parts (except the base) are dishwasher-safe, as well as easy for hand-washing. The glass lid is good for helping monitor food. The digital LED display makes easy to examine. When comparing to all-in-one cooker like Cuisinart MSC-600, it has rather less functions but seems good competitive to the other stovetop models. On the whole, it works as advertised.

What we don't like: While the design is trendy and helps for keeping cool, the body size is pretty bulky than most previous models for limited-storage kitchens. Another issue is about nonstick finish, which needs properly care like traditional nonstick pans. It does not allow for metal tools, abrasive cleaners or heating empty insert.

The bottom line: Overall, the Hamilton Beach Insulated 33265 is a potluck for those who need simple multi-purposed programmable slow cooker---from stove to stew, which won’t let burnt hazard when cooking. What’s more, for the price, it’s a very competitive product comparing with others in the same features.

Product Ratings
Ease of Use : Hamilton Beach Programmable Insulated 33265 Using
Features : Hamilton Beach Programmable Insulated 33265 Features
Performance : Hamilton Beach Programmable Insulated 33265 Performance
Price : Hamilton Beach Programmable Insulated 33265 Price

Overall : Hamilton Beach Programmable Insulated 33265 Ratings
Size : 6 quarts
Insert Shape : Oval
Cook Setting : 4 (Low, High, Keep-Warm, Off)
Keep-Warm : Yes
Program : Yes
Dishwasher : Yes
Dimension : 8.5" x 16" x 16.2"
Weight : 8 lbs
Warranty : 1-year limited warranty

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