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Hamilton Beach Stovetop 33567T


Imagine of a more convenient slow cooker that can be moved to sear and brown meats on the stoves, instead of using another sauté pan for more clean-up. This value slow cooker is straightforward created for the idea like this.

Hamilton Beach Stovetop 33567T

What we like: If the Hamilton Beach Set ‘n Forget 33967 is your favorite tools of your lifesaver, you may easily fall in love this cooker. The Stovetop 33567T is improved for making food in a single-pot for even handier. This new model comes with die-cast aluminum, the nonstick surface, removable insert which allows going right for simple browning or sautéing on the gas, ceramic, and electric stovetops. We rather admire this idea, as this means you get another useful cookware for versatile recipes –stew, soup or even bake chiffon moist cake.

As the cast aluminum is generally superior in heat conductivity, this crock pot rather does well for heating highly and evenly. Another side-benefit of this insert, you don’t have to worry to break the pot, like someone used to do for those stoneware tubs.

The setting is simple. To be honest, we think it’s one of easy-proofed cookers. While it can be programmed the cooking time and temperature by pressing plain +/- botton, the setting manually turns the knobs for High, Low, Warm and Off. The digital times can be easily noticed the remaining time. Like other new model of Hamilton Beach, it still has automatic keep-warm after finish cooking, which will benefit for preventing your foods from overcook and making it warm until the meal time. Anyway, it will automatically turn-off when reaching 14 hours of total cooking time.

The 6-quart size is a normal capacity of practical uses for a 6 pounds of chicken or 4 pounds of roasted meat. The overall construction is quite sturdy and not junky. Another outstanding is sleek design, which definitely looks great on your countertop. There’s a question about the safety issue of nonstick surface, however, the manufacture assures that the product is safe from PTFEs and PFOAs.

For more review, the Stovetop 33667T is recommended as an Editor’s Choice in REAL SIMPLE magazine for being a useful one-pot meal.

What we don't like: Though the glass lid is dishwasher-safe, the pot is not. As being cast aluminum, it’s recommended not to use metal utensils, harsh cleaners or scratchy scrub, as well as hand wash. Another hitch, the metal handles are very hot while cooking.

The bottom line: If you’re looking for an easy-proofed programmable slow cooker which can move to sauté or brown on the traditional stovetop, the Hamilton Beach Programmable Stovetop is a practical one in reasonable price. Comparing to other models which have stovetop feature, this 33667T is somewhat value.

Product Ratings
Ease of Use : Hamilton Beach Stovetop 33567T Using
Features : Hamilton Beach Stovetop 33567T Features
Performance : Hamilton Beach Stovetop 33567T Performance
Price : Hamilton Beach Stovetop 33567T Price

Overall : Hamilton Beach Stovetop 33567T Ratings
Size : 6-quart
Insert Shape : Oval
Cook Setting : 3 (High, Low, Warm)
Keep-Warm : Yes
Program : Yes
Dishwasher : Yes
Dimension : 15.2" x 15.2" x 9.5"
Weight : 16.2 lbs
Warranty : 1 Year

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