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Ninja MC701 Multi Cooker 3 in 1


It’s time to enjoy cooking. The Ninja Multi-Cooker 3-in-1 handily brings everything in one pot---roast, sear, bake, stew, rice cooker, slow cooker and re-heat---in more convenient and faster way! Recommended by Stephanie O'Dea, famous NY Times best-selling author.

Ninja MC701 Multi Cooker 3 in 1

What we like: This Ninja cooking system may be seen on TV as a regular multi-use cooker, like being a slow cooker, roaster or else. But it stands out for being interesting cooker, the real Ninja. This 3-in-1 cooker doesn’t feature itself as a multi-cooker but comes with ‘weapons’ (the accessories). For MC701 model, it includes a 6-quart base cooking system, mounting rack roast or bake, multi-use pan, silicon mitts and silicon popcake tray for baking. (The roasting lifter set is in MC703). This means you’ll need less pots and pans for getting ready meals and cleaning when finished. And, the cleaning is very breezy.

This pot is all-around. It allows roasting on stove top (a mini hot plate) and has Oven setting, which can heat from 250 to 425°F. There are 3 setting mode for stovetop: Low, Med and High. This function is good for browning some ingredients for more tasteful, before slow cooking process. We actually like the idea of having a rack, which let to preparing gravy or sauce in the bottom of the nonstick pot, while roasting the chicken in the holder above, without having a separate skillet.

For slow cooking, it works well as a 6-quart fully-programmable crock pot and bigger enough for fitting a whole turkey. The 6-hour digital timers can simple set on High and Low, which will automatically turn to Keep-Warm. The insert pot is made of nonstick coated metal not the ceramic, which is much lighter and can allow for freezing. It has the Buffet setting for enjoying recipes on tabletop.

From out points of view, the outstanding feature is this all-in-one cooker is a great use for frozen foods, no cracked or dried foods. As the pot is good for keeping steam inside, the meat delightfully gets moist. This nice feature is also benefit for making breads, sponge cakes or muffins with lessen the butter or oil for a half. The Ninja is allowed for making various healthy dishes, includes gluten-free menus. Also, it’s energy-saver. Plus, the 150 recipes cookbook is a bonus.

Note that: there are various versions under the name ‘Ninja Cooking System’, the MC700, MC701, MC702, MC702Q and MC703, which may make a bit confused. However, in fact, the basis is the same, 3-in1 and 6 quart cooker. The difference is from the accessories, add-on tools, and warranties.

What we don't like: Some reviewers complaint that the cord is too short (about 2 feet long) and cannot retract, which take some area on their countertop. Moreover, as the lid is the hard plastic, not the clear glass like normal product, it can’t be seen the food inside. Another downside, it doesn’t have any signals, such as beeper or ringing sound, when the time runs out, you can’t notice the finishing.

The bottom line: If you’re imagining of a universal machine which allows to do everything --- steam roast, sear, rice cook, back, slow cook, simmer and sauté, the Ninja cooking system is a brilliant method to cook tastier, faster, energy-saver and healthier.

Product Ratings
Ease of Use : Ninja MC701 Multi Cooker 3 in 1 Using
Features : Ninja MC701 Multi Cooker 3 in 1 Features
Performance : Ninja MC701 Multi Cooker 3 in 1 Performance
Price : Ninja MC701 Multi Cooker 3 in 1 Price

Overall : Ninja MC701 Multi Cooker 3 in 1 Ratings
Size : 6 quart
Insert Shape : Oblong
Cook Setting : 3 (slow cooker, stovetop, oven)
Keep-Warm : Yes
Program : Yes
Dishwasher : Yes (only insert pot)
Dimension : n/a
Weight : 15.2 lbs
Warranty : 1 Years

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