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Perfect combination of old wisdom & technology for more tasteful & safety


VitaClay is rather the new face, but becomes famous for introducing old wisdom of using clay pot for cooking in new face of cooker. The brand is manufactured by Essenergy (from their philosophy, Essential Energy) found in 1999. Their unique product, Zisha Clay, is made by ancient method from southern China, known as “pride of China”, which is full of pure minerals natural organic material.

The company has located in the Shanghai and Canton region of China. Their product lines aims for small appliances, includes combo rice cooker (their popular products), slow cooker and vacuum cleaners.

The outstanding of their clay products are attracted by vegans and health-conscious persons since this cooker is mineral-rich and chemical-free; it’s lead-free and no nonstick coating chemicals (PTFEs).

Featured Models

VitaClay VM7900-8 / VM7900-6
VitaClay VM7900-8 / VM7900-6
Unglazed Clay Pot, Chemical-Free, Up to 4x Faster, Preserves Nutrients/Vitamins
For healthy-concerned consumers who looking for the smart programmable multi-purpose cooker which is organically safe to use, the VitaClay VM7900 shouldn’t be missed for all the reasons.
Ratings : VitaClay VM7900-8 / VM7900-6 Ratings
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