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West Bend 84915


Though it doesn't have programmable function, it serves for conveniently multi-function cooking. Other than adjustable temp, the electrical griddle insert in the bottom and isolated stove top will let you grill bacon, reheat frozen food or prepare picnic meals.

West Bend 84915

What we like: Though the West Bend 84915 slow cooker doesn’t have automatically Keep Warm function, it does have more versatile features which really saves money and time with 4 functions that wow! -slow cooker, oven pot, pot for the range and a nonstick mini griddle. The cooking pot is somewhat convenient, too. It allows cooking on the gas range or in the oven. As it also allow in the freezer, it’s useful for keeping the leftovers in the fridge for the next meal. We love the 5-quart capacity is perfect size for the single individual with plenty of leftovers or a normal family size meal.

The various uses of this cooker are what make this unit so attractive. The versatility is a credit to the design and engineering of the unit. If you have ever owned a round crock-pot, you should know how difficult it can be to fit a square or rectangular piece of meat into a circle well. This oblong-shaped cooker is a breeze to fit any medium or small cut of meat.

Many reviewers love insulated tote which is great for keeping the food inside hot while carry around or picnic in the garden. What we love most is nonstick base which can be transformed into mini griddle. It lets you brown meat or sauté veggies easily.

What we don’t like: As it’s rather manual cooking pot, there’s no “Off” setting that make you have to remember to unplug when finishing. More, some users said that the capacity of the pot is only 4.3 quarts not 5 quarts as West Bend has claimed.

The Bottom Line: If tons of features rock you, the West Bend is a ‘true transformer’ crock pot. This simple pot is versatile enough for having various and delicious meals simply. Buy one to get four functions; it’s a great choice that worth your money.

Product Ratings
Ease of Use : West Bend 84915 Using
Features : West Bend 84915 Features
Performance : West Bend 84915 Performance
Price : West Bend 84915 Price

Overall : West Bend 84915 Ratings
Size : 5-quart
Insert Shape : Oblong
Cook Setting : 5 (1 to 5)
Keep-Warm : no
Program : no
Dishwasher : Yes
Dimension : 13.8" x 9" x 8.3"
Weight : 6.9 lbs
Warranty : 1 Year

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