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Welcome! Thank you to visit Our website is really made to provide helpful information about slow cookers in the market.

What our website is about?

As knowing that finding a right slow cooker is quite tough, confused to learn and much influenced by hardcore advertisements. We know that when decision is coming, the useful information is required. Then our goal is to present unbiased, honest and easy-to-get reviews of all aspects about each product. Our reviews here ensure user-friendly which consist of:
  • Quick Summary: We know, some of you donít have enough time to investigate the entire full document, this top part of our productís reviews are made for this.
  • What we like: In this part, weíve gathered almost all point of views of productís features. Includes, some comments from trustable resources are taken into our accounts.
  • What we donít like: When researching a crock pot, everyone needs to know the downside, too. We donít present only the good of the product as we arenít a manufacturer or seller.
  • Ratings: The rating, from 0 to 5, is somewhat useful for evaluating how good or bad. We segments our criteria into 4 viewpoints, which are necessary conditions for a good slow cooker:

    • Ease of use How easy for using? Does it really good enough for being a user-friendly appliance? We donít think that the usability of manual is better than programmable. Itís up to how simpler and practical.
    • Features How about useful features? Dose it has programmable cooking, automatic warm, dish-washer safe, timer setting, selected cooking mode, rubber feet, the appropriated lids, the crockís shape or other impressive features?
    • Efficiency As fancy and whistle slow cooker doesnít prove that it will serve the delicious foods. Some simplest model may bring success stewed chicken for your dinner.
    • Price A slow cooker can be found from $15 to $200. Everyone loves to pay less; however, some cheaper model may cause disaster for your home party. We donít talk about low or high in price, but how much value is to concern.
Yet, if youíre looking for a best one, we recommend seeing our Top 10 Reviews. This is an easy short-cut to get the top-rated slow cooker effortlessly.

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